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The Vineyard

The clay soil suited to the cultivation of vines with not high yields and the use of the best agronomic practices, this allows us to obtain very good grapes. The best grapes, only from our own production, carefully selected, are destined for the production of bottled wines.

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Equally divided between white and red berries, the international and the autochthonous grapes are the most representative of our territory; like Glera, that gives rise to the Prosecco, il Pinot grigio, il Pinot nero, lo Chardonnay, il Sauvignon, il Merlot, il Cabernet Sauvignon, il Cabernet Franc e il Raboso; this last is an ancient vine-autochthonous variety.

Sylvoz, Guyot and the Spurred cordon are the methods used for training.

All new plants are managed with a localized drip irrigation system.

vigneti setten